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A little bit about James Fay and his family.

    Hello my name is James Fay, I live in Oceano, California and work in Grover Beach California for a company called Platinum Web Site Services. I am married, 48 years old, have four children and two grandchildren. My wife's name is Kelly Fay and if I don't mention the kids names they will kill me so here goes.

    First we have Bart Fay and Brett Fay (twin boys), and Susan Fay and Lisa Fay (not twin boys). Bart Fay has two children, Christian Fay and Reece Fay and Brett Fay is single and living the good life in Hawaii. Susan Fay is our oldest girl and recently got married to a gentleman named Tim Francis. Susan completed her training with the National Guard and is now pregnant and expecting sometime in 2005. Lisa Fay is our youngest and is just finishing Advanced training in the Army. She is currently a PFC an assigned to Fort Sam Houston in Texas. She finishes her training in November of 2004 and will be re-assigned at that time. Were hoping she does not get assigned to duty in Iraq, but she isn't concerned about any of that. She claims she has found herself in the Army. She has won numerous awards just in training and feels that she is stretching and reaching potentials she had never thought she could achieve.

    Now a bit about me. By trade I am a network engineer, currently I am the CTO of Platinum Services. My first love (hobby related) is pretty much anything dealing with computers. I have been working in the industry for about 20 years now and have done everything from lowly computer tech to consulting and working on main frames. I worked a few years programming, but its not my passion. My passion is hardware and networking. I have certifications in pretty much everything (they don't mean a whole lot to me, but other people seem to like them). I have yet to ever get a job based upon certification. I worked for a few years as the service center manager and network services coordinator for Computer land in San Luis Obispo, California. I also worked for a company called World Library as the network operations and technical support manager. An extraordinary company that produced the very first books on CD-Rom. These where complete works that you could read, search through, print etc... Very fascinating technology at an early time in the industry.

    Surprisingly enough, when I first left High School, not knowing what I wanted to do, I ended up managing restaurants. I worked in the industry for about 15 years. Great pay, long hours, a lot of fun. That, believe it or not, led me into the computer field. I was always bothered (in the restaurant business) by the length of time it took to get any idea of whether or not you had made a profit. You see in those days, you had to wait normally about a month to find out how you did on your previous profit and loss statement. This led me to designing and programming a computer to do my inventories, food cost etc... It took me a year to design and build the computer to do the job and to write the software. It was an immediate success. Prior to this I would never know if my food cost was way out of line until a month to two months later. Pretty hard to correct problems this way. With the system I designed and built I could react almost daily to control food cost and pretty much any other thing that affected my overhead cost. The result? About a 200% profit increase. I was ecstatic, and my passion for everything computers was born.

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